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Don’t you wish that sometimes you could read your date’s mind? The good news is, while becoming a mind reader isn’t an option, becoming just a little more observant of nonverbal cues may give you some of the answers you’ve been looking for.An amazing 55 percent of all communication is nonverbal, according to the famous research conducted by Albert Mehrabian.This assertion may not hold true in all circumstances, but it does suggest that nonverbal cues are critical to communication.Keep up with this story and more What makes this particularly interesting is that often these visual cues don’t match up with what the person says, especially when it comes to people in public prominence.This class will show you how to identify and understand over 75 different nonverbal gestures.This class will show you how to utilize nonverbal communication in dating, relationships, work, and everyday life.His body language demonstrates the power of nonverbal forms of communication.

I’ve got another piece about body language on this site, and it all falls under the umbrella of non-verbal communication.

Gestures and posture is also part of body language. The way we stand, walk and even enter a room speaks volumes about us. They may seem insignificant however once you learn what they are, they will forever change the game.

Your body can also express emotions, feelings and attitudes. What is important about posture in an attraction scenario is this: is your love interest leaning into you? We can exude confidence by our posture and can attract attention and love interests by this one simple thing. Here are some of the subtle cues of attraction: Dilated pupils Men’s nostrils flare ever so slightly Women tend to touch their face or their hair Men tend to touch their chin or their lips And then the subtle cues of just the opposite: Women will hold their purse in front of them Men will stand away Women tend to fidget or be distracted Men will close their arms around themselves Yes, learning subtle cues is a game changer. The best way to practice is to get in the habit of being an observer.

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This class is designed to be highly interactive: students will gain one-on-one insight from a body language expert and psychology professor.

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