Confusion on dating

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Confusion on dating

You consider all the reasons in your head (and with a little social network snooping) why he’s acting different. Sometimes the mixed signals have little to do with confusion and a lot to do with stringing you along for selfish reasons. Some women also use men for temporary periods knowing that he is not Mr.

the time when it comes to dating and pursuing a woman.

You could end up dragging him every decision and be in charge of everything as time moves forward. That’s not a problem – if you’re dating online or by dating apps, you know everyone is meeting lots of people.

There was some witty banter and it was okay but he didn’t ask me anything about myself or the things I wrote on my profile (big pet peeve). I felt bad about not having a date set up so I texted him, “I’m free every weekend but this one so let me know”. It’s either passiveness or laziness but neither one is attractive or a good sign about his potential.

” and I replied and got one word answers like, “Great, awesome or okay”. I said let me know when is good for you and where we’ll go (I like a guy to ask me out). Is there a difference between a guy who talks about setting a date and a guy who actually sets one? Still Waiting”Dear Still Waiting, No you are not being difficult.

If you don’t have what I’m looking for after a few months, you won’t have it in a few years,” ” (Sidebar: I think it’s important on my behalf to note that he was not referring to me but answering a general question as a friend).

Still, that question was all I had to say to generate a response.

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So how do you know if he is really confused and isn’t stringing you along until his ‘Ms. I’ve often heard, if a man wants to be with you he will be with you.

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