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Winter also revealed this week that she’s moved to Atlanta.

Back in March, F&S deputy editor Dave Hurteau and I met hunting editor Will Brantley in his hometown of Murray, Ky., for the annual F&S bow and crossbow test.

Your questions will be answered by an Archery Lessons Online instructor and you cn also interact with other members from around the world who can provide feedback on their experiences.

We are working on updated lesson plans to provide you with the most detailed & easy to follow setup & tuning information ever compiled in 1 place.

Archers compete in the Center Shot National Championship in Louisville, Kentucky.

When you release the bowstring, the limbs spring back to their neutral state, exchanging their potential energy for kinetic energy that’s applied to the arrow.

Bow was spotted with Kaila Wilkey a.k.a Winter or @Wintrr of BGC 16 fame.

The brawling beauty was clearly Shad Moss’ date as they spent the evening holding hands before partying together at Atlanta’s Club Opium where they cozied up to each other in VIP.

The more energy applied to the arrow, the faster it will go, and the faster it goes, the flatter its arc. Jeff Ozanne, a bow designer for Mathews Archery, tells us his bows are 87 to 89 percent efficient at transferring the archer’s input energy to the arrow.

That’s remarkable—the modern automobile, for instance, is only 25 to 35 percent efficient at turning combustion into motive force.

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We outline the details for most of today’s largest & most popular bow manufacturers.