Santiago cabrera dating

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Santiago cabrera dating

This adaptation by Adrian Hodges has him staying at an inn with his father, when they’re set upon by a man claiming to be a Musketeer.

His father is murdered and d’Artagnan swears vengeance, which takes him to Paris, a less than salubrious boarding house (“use of the communal towel is free”) and, eventually, a meeting with the official three.

The locals scamper into doorways as four handsome young swashbucklers stride through their midst.

In the French capital during the reign of Louis XIII, law and order is more a dream than a reality.

They’re enthusiastic enough, but lack the necessary rakish charm to make cheating at cards, provoking duels and patronising women look like a proper job – never mind a noble one.

If King Louis XIII of France put an ad in Le Jobcentre Plus seeking a new musketeer, the description would read something like this: “Must be willing to duel on the slightest pretence, clean fencing licence essential, experience in witty repartee preferred.” It’s according to the final criterion that this bunch fall short.He might get some suggestions from the two daughters he shares with Nicole.Together, the couple raise daughters Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, 5, and Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, 7.Tom, who plays Athos, is responsible for their addiction. And show newcomer Marc Warren, 47, who plays baddie The Comte de Rocheforte in the new series, revealed: "Tom is very into tea and once he took me to a tea shop off Wenceslas Square in Prague where we film."He gave me this brew that was so strong I didn't feel well after we left."I'm never good with tea in the morning."I prefer coffee, which Tom thinks is the enemy of good acting." The other stars on the show have become hooked on brews too.Former Skins star Luke, who plays D'Artagnan, loves learning his lines with a cuppa.

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, BBC1’s latest swashbuckler has action aplenty and wonderful costumes – the men all wear floppy wide-brimmed hats like Joan Collins on a beach holiday – but what of the characters in them?