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Welcome to the Northport-East Northport School District.

New Student registration will take place Tuesdays Wednesdays & Thursdays from - at the WJB building from July 3rd - August 31st.

We are pleased to welcome you to the Northport – East Northport Union Free School District.

In order to safeguard the health of your child/children, to place your child/children in the most appropriate program, and to conform with New York State law and District Policy, we will need certain information and records.

He submitted his application to participate in the national competition once again and will find out in September if he is chosen as a semifinalist.

Upon hearing the news that he was invited back, De Brino was excited. “It will help me progress in my science experiments so I can learn new things to try.” In the future, De Brino hopes to become an ornithologist, where he can further his study on birds.

And then, a few minutes later, I’m just another schmuck stuck in traffic on the highway.” It’s true: the transition is abrupt, and it has bedevilled rock stars since the advent of the backbeat.

Before tasting the salty air and exploring the inviting rural areas of the North and South Forks, let's get a better idea of some of the best Long Island romantic places and activities.That’s my routine.” Joel has a knack for delivering his own recycled quips and explanations as though they were fresh, a talent related, one would think, to that of singing well-worn hits with sincere-seeming gusto.He often says that the hardest part isn’t turning it on but turning it off: “One minute, I’m Mussolini, up onstage in front of twenty thousand screaming people.And at night, the crashing waves, the old beacon piercing the dark and even the odd shooting star guarantee this to be one of the most romantic spots on Long Island.- probably the most famous of Long Island's seaside resort playgounds, and you might spot a celebrity or two on a sunny afternoon.

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Recent East Northport Middle School graduate Maxwell De Brino proudly represented the district and received honorable mention at the New York State Science Congress on June 3.

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