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Spina bifida dating

Being aware of the ways that your growing baby is affecting your body will help you to better prepare yourself for these changes as they happen.

It’s also helpful to be aware of the specific risk factors (and associated medical tests) for each of the three trimesters.

Fetal demise occurs in about 31% of cases (as assessed from 10 weeks’ gestation to birth).

The risk of having an affected fetus increases with increasing maternal age.

The first trimester lasts from the first through the 13th week of pregnancy.

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This Report is the culmination of a two-year collaboration between the Ontario Brain Institute and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences which involved the contributions from clinicians, patients, and advocates.

OFCP was very proud to be involved and to have an opportunity to contribute in this major undertaking.

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Anencephaly is almost always fatal at or within a few hours of birth.

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