The dating scene in the 1940s in america

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The dating scene in the 1940s in america

So why would a successful, widowed bachelor like the play’s protagonist, Horace Vandergelder, seek out a matchmaker to find him a new bride?

Looking back at the evolution of courting customs in America over the last two centuries sheds light on the factors that would have influenced Vandergelder’s search.

With the advent of gas lighting, culture transformed in fascinating ways. Restaurants, ice cream parlors, and oyster saloons clustered in the well-lit commercial streets. Hours of work and leisure grew less distinct in the late 19th century.

I was young and naïve so it was a little scary in the beginning and I soon discovered the dating process in America is quite different from the one in Japan.

In this article, I want to talk about a few major differences I saw between Japanese and American dating cultures.

Growing up in Japan my parents were really strict and so I didn’t get an opportunity to start going on dates until after I graduated from high school.

I did have a Japanese boyfriend but I ended things with him to go to school in California.

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Unlike Japan, California is a true melting pot of cultures but since I had so little dating experience back home, I was nervous about getting into the dating scene in America.